Sunday, August 29, 2010

Quick note - made it to 60.5 and survivied.

Well I made the 60.5 mile mark but missed the time cut off. Getting over Hope pass (12,600 ft) twice was more than I was ready for. I certainly would never have made it over the second time without Amanda's encouragement, support and listening to my whining.
Thanks to all the crew that supported me on the day  - Amanda, Noreen, Carol, Alan, Nicole, Angie, Heather, Rick & Nicole (makers of the best PB&J ever) . I could never have done it without you, really appreciate all the effort & running around and sorry for being a bit snappy.
The body is recovering quickly now that I'm back in the ATL, there does not appear to be any permanent damage, maybe mental.
Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement and only occasionally telling me I was crazy for trying the LT100.
Brings to mind one of my favorite quotes,
"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters...compared to what lies within us".- Emerson
Over all an amazing experience that I thoroughly enjoyed.
During the week I shall try to finally get the blog up to date and record my state of mind, such as it is/was.
Of course that was the plan last week also but apparently not having to train has not magically give me any more time.
Not sure what's next.....

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