Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wow two years gone by since I made a post. Quite the change from the weekly exercise I made of this while in preparation mode for Leadville back in 2010.
So now here I trying to get back in the game as the last two years have left their marks good and bad. Now I am ready to once again take control and work towards my goal - Leadville 100 finisher.
With regard to training and level of fitness the last two years have been a steady grind of going no where.
Injuries that I picked up from a combination of carelessness and excessive enthusiasm coupled with the ever plentiful ignorance have knocked me back and took me no where. Top that off with five months working out of town last year, eating poorly and with an excessive working schedule I have gotten my self to my current condition. January weight in of 216 lbs and delighted to break a 12 minute mile on a flat road course. Not good.

Yet rolling into 2013 in terrible shape, both fat and unfit, I felt the stirrings of renewal. Some basic activity since September had started to make me feel more mobile again so plans formulated in my head.
February do the Sweetwater Creek half marathon - sign up done.
March do the Publix Georgia Marathon - sign up done.
April do the Sweetwater Creek 50 K - sign up done.
May do the Twisted Ankle Marathon - sign up done.
September do the Georgia Jewel 100 miler - sign up to happen but the dates are now set on website so my excuses are running out.

My enthusiasm is strong, the reality check of completing the 50 K in April before committing. At least that is what I am telling myself now, no new excuses allowed.
August 2014 do the Leadville 100

Commitment to my craziness renewed now I just have to drop the unnecessary 40 pounds and knock 3 minutes of my current mile time.

Today was my first trail run of 2013 which had buoyed my resolve and lifted my spirits.
On I go, bring on miles and trails..