Sunday, January 16, 2011

Getting reved up again.

Well I've managed to sit on my ass for the last few months. Just about kept moving enough to complete a few half marathons since August.
Apparently major decompression was required after Leadville. Funny how the mind and body push each other. I certainly felt a change in purpose after Leadville, without the prospect of the big day in front of me there was no motivation to keep up the training and diet I had been following for the last few months.
So now with a few months taking it very easy and enjoying plenty of beers and good chats I'm itching to get back in the swing of training.
Step one of course was deciding what is that I want to aim for, so here now it is 2012 Leadville 100, giving myself this year to build a base again and to add some more long distance experience.
So a some point in the fall or maybe spring of 2012 I will complete a 50 mile race.
More certain for 2011 is the goal of running a minimum of 2 mile each day, regardless.
On top of that it is time to break the 4 hour time for a marathon, the goal being to do this in the Cork Marathon in June.
For an early in the year push I am taking on the SweetH20 50K again, the goal being to complete it in under 8 hours, a 40 minute improvement on last year. I do believe that my deeper experience with ultras will really stand to me in this event this year. Also the knowledge that I need to have much greater mileage under my belt before getting to the start line.

So 2011 will be a building year, working with a sense of long term purpose and also applying the hard won knowledge for the last 12 month.
Time to built a true base that I can maintain going forward.